Money Back Guarantee + Free shipping worldwide
Money Back Guarantee + Free shipping worldwide

About Us

The Smart Brush was engineered to help people keep their teeth clean, white, and most importantly to support proper oral hygiene.  


The Smart Brush allows people of any age to properly brush their teeth without having to worry about it. The Smart Brush was created with an intelligent and fully automatic system that lets you brush your brush without even touching the brush. Let the Smart Brush do all the work with its three modes, every people is guaranteed to love the way the Smart Brush cleans. 


The 360° auto clean technique will remove all kinds of contamination completely. In 3 minutes it will perform significantly better than comparable electric brushes.


The Smart Brush completes a full teeth rotation in only 30 seconds!


In addition, the antibacterial effect helps to recover a healthy oral flora. The ultrasound has been proven to eliminate all kinds of germs.


The Smart Brush head design, using food grade silicone antibacterial soft material (FDA/IPX7/FCC/CE/ROSH certification), 360 degrees contact gums and teeth. Every time you brush your teeth, you can give your mouth a quick and comfortable experience.


FDA-approved. The mouth tray is made out of extra-soft premium silicone. Food-grade quality. For maximal comfort during brushing


Not only can you use this automatic toothbrush to brush your teeth, but you can also use it to massage your teeth and gums, and whiten your teeth. 


The Smart Brush comes with everything you need! Our package includes a charging port, cable, and an Original Smart Brush. Just plug it in, let it charge, and start brushing. 


We believe in the Smart Brush and so should you. Just ask over Instagram Fan Base of over 100,000 happy customers!


This is why we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and Full 24/7 Customer Service!